So What Was He Like?

Just checking in from my previous post about my upcoming date.  He is a 36 year old working guy from upstate, and he drove over an hour for our first date.  We’ve been talking online and via phone for a few weeks but could not get our schedules worked out to meet.  Finally, we went out last night, and I was so nervous.  One thing I hate is when men wait in the car until I reach the bar or restaurant.  I mean, are you that insecure that you can’t just grab a table ahead of time?  So what am I supposed to do?  Pull up in my car, call you, and wait for you to walk over to my car so we can walk in together?  Yeah, it sounds nice, but it’s a real pain, especially when it’s 20 degrees out, and I’m waiting on him to come over.  Also, if it’s a first date (and especially at night), I’m not so comfortable with that.

Anyway, since it was freezing, I decided to just park, go inside and get a table, and give him a call from inside.  When he first walked in, I thought to myself, “this is going to be a very long dinner”.  Indeed it was very long – as long as the wait at a DMV on Monday morning.  He was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and would not even look me in the eye.  He was looking out of the corner of his eye which creeped me out big time.

Eventually, he became more comfortable and would look me in the eyes for a split second.  Then he’d look off and grunt at times instead of responding in clear sentences.  It was just an odd experience, but one thing that helped lighten the mood was his sense of humor.  We laughed here and there and that somewhat helped.

To make the date that more awkward, his dish was too salty so he sent it back, and they had to prepare something from scratch (ironically it was the dish that I recommended to him initially).  He had other mannerisms and interactions with the waiter that were quite “unique” to say the least.  Overall, the food was bad, the date was odd, and there were only 2 other filled tables that night.  I just wanted to spread my wrap on the floor and take a nap to help me escape.

To my surprise, he kissed me good night inside the restaurant (I guess he didn’t want to walk me to my car) and ran his hand all the way down my back to my bum.   And he called me while he was on the road to make sure I got home safely.  I thought that move was very thoughtful and nice.

Five years ago I would not even have given this guy a second chance, but, at this point in my life, if he asked me for a second date, I would go.

In keeping with my goal of one date every week, I came home after the date and sent 12 or 13 winks on Match.  Looking forward to next week…

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