Is It My Phone or Yours?

I just love these stories because it’s going to make meeting the right one that much sweeter. I’ve winked or emailed about 80 guys over the course of a week in keeping with my one date per week goal. These are guys that I am genuinely attracted to in both their photos & wording of their profiles. Some of them were just deliciously, smoking hot so I figured my response rate would not be stellar, but like my Mother always says, “All they can say is no”.

I sent a wink to a very “techy” guy. He was admittedly a geek, but I consider myself somewhat of a geek since I adore Star Trek, Harry Potter, online games, etc. Well, let’s just say he was just a little too geeky for me. Anyone that can work the word “dodecahedron” into the first 3 minutes of a conversation is not quite my type.

He almost immediately began talking about sex, talking about my chest & everything else. He used the excuse that he’s just very straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush. I told him that I’m OK talking sensually but after only about 5 minutes on a first call is just a smidgen too fast!

Even after he could tell that I was uncomfortable, and then after me mentioning this was too fast, he just continued and kept apologizing intermittently if he was offending me. My phone was running low on power, I told him goodbye, and quickly hung up. Next please!

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