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Happy Frick-in Valentine’s Day To Me!

OK…boy have I got a story for you. Please understand that every single word of this is true. I was so happy and excited to find someone that I enjoyed talking to, spending time with, and laughing with. Him – a 41 year old guy in law enforcement who lived with a parent. Me – a 34 year old independent woman whose parent moved in with her.

The first date was great. We met on Match, and he was too cheap/broke to buy his own account so he used his father’s account. Needless to say, I was creeped out by a very elderly man contacting me Continue reading


Need A Morale Boost?

Are you getting tired of being passed up at the bar time after time? Do you have a hard time getting responses on your dating site? Are you tired of asking people out just to be turned down again and again? Well…if you need a little boost before you get out there on the prowl again…try Craigslist! Continue reading

Is It My Phone or Yours?

I just love these stories because it’s going to make meeting the right one that much sweeter. I’ve winked or emailed about 80 guys over the course of a week in keeping with my one date per week goal. These are guys that I am genuinely attracted to in both their photos & wording of their profiles. Some of them were just deliciously, smoking hot so I figured my response rate would not be stellar, but like my Mother always says, “All they can say is no”. Continue reading

Is Dating Simply A Numbers Game?

Ever heard the old sales quote, “It’s not how many no’s you get, especially when you get your first yes”.  I’m a 34 year old reasonably attractive, fun, outgoing, full figured & professional female who works in a very male dominated company.  I’ve never been married, and, embarrassingly have not been seriously involved in over 8 years.  Needless to say, I occasionally do the equivalent of howling at the moon at odd times of the night. Continue reading