Hello, and welcome to 30SomethingDating.  This blog was created by me, call me D, a 30 something year old woman who is active in the dating scene…and I’m using the word “active” loosely.  Let’s just say, I go on a date when I get one.

Now on to your question…what is this all about?  Just another boring journal online that you visit 1 or 2 times?  A bitchy or depressed girl’s electronic diary?  Don’t you wish!  Because then, maybe you wouldn’t have to have a real conversation with real people about how you’re sick of the bar, cheaters, or psychos that you meet next door.  Well you can stop looking now…

This blog is a tribute to the normal, everyday person who, by fate or on purpose, is a part of the grueling, stones-crushing dating scene and happens to be…oh yes…30 something.

Please feel free to visit often to hear about my experiences and also share what’s up with you.  Look forward to hearing from you.



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