Goin’ South…

OK. No luck in Connecticut (or the Northeast for that fact) for the past 9 years. I’ve nearly come to the conclusion that I can’t even give it away…unless the taker is 45+ years old, irresponsible and emotionally unavailable. With that being said, I found out a couple weeks ago that I have to fly to the middle of nowhere in the dirty South for work next week. I’ll be there for a lovely 3-night stay, and I’m going to have a good time. Riding the country roads, listening the only 2 clear radio stations consisting of country and bluegrass with stints of gospel music, bar-b-q, cold beer, and country boys with plaid shirts and baseball caps. Sounds like my kind of trip. I’m gong to work hard, play hard, and catch a good ol’ boy while I’m there. I’ll post the update when I return.

Until then…happy dating.


Happy Frick-in Valentine’s Day To Me!

OK…boy have I got a story for you. Please understand that every single word of this is true. I was so happy and excited to find someone that I enjoyed talking to, spending time with, and laughing with. Him – a 41 year old guy in law enforcement who lived with a parent. Me – a 34 year old independent woman whose parent moved in with her.

The first date was great. We met on Match, and he was too cheap/broke to buy his own account so he used his father’s account. Needless to say, I was creeped out by a very elderly man contacting me Continue reading

Need A Morale Boost?

Are you getting tired of being passed up at the bar time after time? Do you have a hard time getting responses on your dating site? Are you tired of asking people out just to be turned down again and again? Well…if you need a little boost before you get out there on the prowl again…try Craigslist! Continue reading

Is It My Phone or Yours?

I just love these stories because it’s going to make meeting the right one that much sweeter. I’ve winked or emailed about 80 guys over the course of a week in keeping with my one date per week goal. These are guys that I am genuinely attracted to in both their photos & wording of their profiles. Some of them were just deliciously, smoking hot so I figured my response rate would not be stellar, but like my Mother always says, “All they can say is no”. Continue reading

So What Was He Like?

Just checking in from my previous post about my upcoming date.  He is a 36 year old working guy from upstate, and he drove over an hour for our first date.  We’ve been talking online and via phone for a few weeks but could not get our schedules worked out to meet.  Finally, we went out last night, Continue reading

Is Dating Simply A Numbers Game?

Ever heard the old sales quote, “It’s not how many no’s you get, especially when you get your first yes”.  I’m a 34 year old reasonably attractive, fun, outgoing, full figured & professional female who works in a very male dominated company.  I’ve never been married, and, embarrassingly have not been seriously involved in over 8 years.  Needless to say, I occasionally do the equivalent of howling at the moon at odd times of the night. Continue reading